Bezen & Partners | Philosophy


Our philosophy is simple. We strive to combine technical excellence with commercial understanding to provide our clients the highest standard of service.

How do we put our philosophy into practice?

We know that each client and each transaction is unique. With this in mind, we aim to understand each client’s business and each transaction’s objectives to tailor our advice accordingly. Our goal is to provide consistently the highest standard of service to each and every client.

Knowledge of recent or expected developments within the ever-changing landscape of not only the Turkish legal market but also the Turkish financial and commercial markets in which our clients operate is paramount to our success. Our clients deserve not merely one off advice for a particular transaction but continuous advice in order to manage risks and develop opportunities accordingly.

We wish our lawyers to be known as commercially oriented legal experts who possess a business like approach but adhere to and observe the highest professional rules of conduct and ethical standards within their profession.

Our success depends on our people. Our people can only perform to their best if they are provided with the requisite professional support and an open, relaxed and inclusive working environment. We have intentionally created a personal, friendly, supportive and sociable office environment which encourages team work and team spirit. Given the diverse backgrounds of our lawyers, we operate in an English speaking environment. We give our lawyers a high level of responsibility at an early stage in their career and strongly advise them to develop client contacts throughout their career. Our people’s success is our success and we applaud and honour the contribution of every individual.